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6 Nov 2017 by James Rogerson

Updated: 6th March, 2018

What Is Go Binge?

Three’s Go Binge service allows customers to stream music and video from certain services, such as Netflix, without it coming out of their data allowance. 

That means, for example, that even if you only have a 4GB data allowance, you could still stream unlimited Netflix over Three’s network, and when you’re done you’d still have your full 4GB data allowance left.

It’s a great service for bingers everywhere, meaning they can finally enjoy shows, films and music fully on their commutes or any other time they don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. As TV and film tends to heavily eat into a data allowance this is a big deal.

What streaming services does Go Binge work with?

Go Binge is currently compatible with Apple Music, Netflix, Deezer, Lifetime, SoundCloud and TVPlayer, so you’ll be able to stream any of them over mobile without fear of running over your data allowance.

  • Apple Music
  • Netflix
  • Deezer
  • Lifetime
  • SoundCloud
  • TVPlayer

More services are expected to be added over time, as Go Binge is an open platform and other companies are apparently welcome to join it.

How do I get Go Binge?

New customers simply need to sign up for a Pay Monthly plan with Go Binge. 

Three Plans with Go Binge
SIM OnlyAdvanced Plans with 4GB data and aboveView Plans
Mobile PhonesAdvanced Plans with 4GB data and aboveView Plans
Mobile Broadband and TabletsPlans with 5GB data and aboveView Plans

Plans that don't include Go Binge

  • Essential Plans
  • Pay As You Go plans
  • Advanced Plans with less than 4GB data allowance
  • Mobile broadband plans with less than 5GB data allowance

Can I get Go Binge if I'm an existing customer?

Existing customers will have to upgrade to one of the eligible plans with more data/minutes than their current plan. Those on plans taken out after 18th March 2014 can change to a higher price plan without changing their contract end date by logging into their My3 Account. If you’re on an older plan you can call Three on 333 to talk through your options.

Are there any limitations to Go Binge?

Subscriptions to Netflix etc aren’t included as part of Go Binge, you have to have a separate subscription/account.

Also, you need some of your normal data allowance left to use Go Binge - if you're completely out of data you can't, even though it doesn't eat into your allowance.

But other than that there doesn’t appear to be any real limitation. You can even use Go Binge abroad via Feel at Home.

Tethering (or personal hotspot) is included for use within the UK only.

And Go Binge really is unlimited. Three has said that you could use Go Binge 24 hours a day with no limits or extra charges.

How do I use Go Binge?

Once you have Go Binge you can use it automatically, simply by streaming content from a compatible app or website.

How do I tell if Go Binge is active on my account?

Go Binge will appear in the My3 app if it's active on your account, so if you can see it there then you have it, if not you don't.

If you're a new customer you should have it straight away, while upgrading customers will get Go Binge added on their next bill date. You should get a text saying as much when you upgrade.

Why has Three launched Go Binge?

Three’s always been big on data, as evidenced by it offering unlimited data contracts. But many users have smaller allowances and that makes streaming over mobile data a risky proposition, as it can quickly eat up a data allowance.

On top of that, Three has found that Brits love to binge. Following an extensive period of consumer research, the network found that 21% say bingeing is now the only way they watch TV, while 22% regularly binge on the go – so Go Binge would be hugely beneficial to them, and to others who probably would binge if they had the data.

In fact, 54% of brits worry about using up their data while streaming on mobile, yet 44% watch one hour or more of streamed content on their phones, and 51% do the same on their tablets, so with Go Binge, they won’t have to worry any more.

And there's more. 67% of Brits apparently wish they had more time in the day to binge their favourite shows.

Go Binge Advert

Here is the accompanying Go Binge Advert which can be viewed below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Go Binge work with Feel At Home?

Yes. You can Go Binge in 71 destinations across the world with Feel At Home. However, Three have less control over speeds so can't guarantee the same level of performance you would get in the UK.

Can I tether (personal hotspot) using Go Binge?

Yes, Go Binge can be used in conjunction with tethering and the data you use won't come out of your monthly allowance. Note: Tethering is only possible within the UK.

What if I’m out of data?

You need at least some data left to access Go Binge, so if you’re completely out you won’t be able to use it until you buy a data add-on or wait for your data allowance to refresh, even though Go Binge itself doesn’t eat into your data (other than potentially for some adverts).

How do I switch to a compatible tariff?

If you’re not already on a tariff that includes Go Binge you can contact Three to see about moving. If you’re already on an Advanced Plan and only need to move one level you can move up to a compatible one using My3.

If you need to move further or are on an Essential Plan or an older plan taken out before 18th March 2014 you can give the network a call on 333 from your Three phone

What do I do if my data is still dropping while using a Go Binge-supported service?

Go Binge data should automatically be assigned correctly, so you shouldn’t see it come out of your allowance. If it seems to be and you’re sure that you have Go Binge and are using a Go Binge service (currently Netflix, Deezer, TVPlayer, Apple Player or SoundCloud) then give Three a call on 333.

Are content subscriptions included?

No. So if you want to use a service that requires a subscription (such as Netflix) this will have to be purchased separately.

Can I use Go Binge on SIM Only?

Yes, as long as you’re on an Advanced Plan with at least 4GB of data, or a Mobile Broadband plan with 5GB or more.

Can I use Go Binge on Pay As You Go?

No. Go Binge isn’t supported on Pay As You Go and there are no add-ons to add it. If you’re on Pay As You Go and want Go Binge you’ll need to move to a different plan.

Will more services come to Go Binge?

Yes. Three is keen to sign up other streaming content services to Go Binge, so expect more in the future.

Does Go Binge work for websites or only apps?

Go Binge works for both. Just access Netflix, SoundCloud, Deezer, Apple Music or TVPlayer through either their website or app and Go Binge should work automatically.

Is Go Binge really unlimited?

Yes. As long as you have at least a bit of data left in your normal allowance you can stream using Go Binge as much as you want.

MOBILE GIANT THREE has announced that Irish customers on its all-you-can-eat data plan will not be able to avail of the same offer when roaming in the EU.

This is despite the fact that the EU recently announced plans to abolish roaming charges across all member states.

Under the move, first reported by the Irish Independent, Three Irish customers will still keep their all-you-can-eat offer, up to a limit of 60 gigabytes (GB) at home. The paper also reported that other operators, including Meteor, are considering a similar move.

However, Three customers will not be able to use the 60GB when roaming. Instead, customers will get a ‘additional allocation of data’ to be used when abroad, and the 60GB will be used when at home.

The company is also raising its monthly prices for many bill pay customers, by €5 in some cases.

Three said that the changes are due to the “increased cost of doing business”.

Three’s roaming data allocation will be between 1GB and 7GB depending on the plan that the customer is on. When customers go over this allocation while roaming, they will then be charged for every additional unit of data that they use while abroad.

EU rules

The moves comes ahead of new EU regulations that are set to come into force in the middle of June.

One part of the rules was the concept of ‘roam like at home’. According to the EU Commission, travelers are meant to be able to “call, text and surf on their mobile devices when abroad in the EU for no extra charge on top of the price they pay at home”.

Source: Shutterstock/Jakub Zak

Telecoms operators are obliged to include this provision in customer contracts. However, customers can still be charged for data usage. As part of the EU’s plan, roaming customers will be charged the wholesale rate for data, 85 cent per megabyte (MB).

In cases where an operator is providing an all you can eat service, the company can limit data volumes to twice what the customer would be able to buy with the value of their contract.

For example, for someone with a €40 per month contract, each 85 cent buys them 1MB of data. €40 buys about 4.8GB of data, so the customer would be entitled to a 9.6GB allowance.

The Irish Independent reported that there is a loophole where a company’s data offering is classed as a ‘service benefit’, rather than a ‘core’, part of a customer contract.

It said a company could do this to provide a lower data allowance to customers travelling in the EU.

However, the EU Commission said in a statement this evening: “There is no loophole by which part of the domestic data allowance could be regarded as gift or side benefit and would therefore not count when traveling abroad.

“Doing so would appear like a clear case of circumvention, for which there is no basis in the roaming regulation.”

Cost of business

A spokeswoman for Three mobile said that the company’s new plans “include an allocation of data which, in addition to the call and text plan allocation, can be used at home or when roaming in the EU”.

All you can eat data remains available to customers, for free and for use at home, as an additional service.

“This is the first time that Three has revised the cost of its core portfolio in a number of years. These changes are a direct result of the increase in costs of doing business.”

The Irish Independent also reported that other companies, including Meteor and Eir, are considering following suit.

A spokesman for Meteor said that the company introduced a free 1GB roaming data allowance a year ago and is examining what system to put in place by the June deadline.

Written by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on Fora.ie

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