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5th Grade Wax Museum Bibliography Pdf

 5th Grade

Biography Project


 The 5th Grade Biography Project is a multi-step project which covers the Common Core Standards in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Students will read a biography and complete the forms. They will then write an essay from the information they gathered.  Next, students will dress like the person they read about and give a 3-5 minute speech to the class.  Finally, students will impersonate the person they read about in our 5th Grade Wax Museum where all students at West Penn, family and friends are invited to come see them as they share some of their information.   


Important Dates

Biography Projects Due March 19, 2018

Wax Museum will be held on March 23, 2018



Important Information for Parents and Students

  • Students will read a book about a person they are interested in learning about.
  • The book needs to be approved by Mrs. Bittner
  • Students will complete the packet provided to help guide them in their essay writing.
  • Students will find a costume to become the person they read about.
  • Students will create a poster (not a piece of paper) with the person's name and picture on it. (Additional information is allowed, but not required.) 
  • Students need to practice for a 3-5 minute presentation.  Students are permitted to use index cards, but they will not have their packet or essay with them when they are doing this presentation.
  • Students will need three facts about the person they read about to present at the Wax Museum. These should be memorized. 

 Important Documents for This Project

Wax Museum Project Packet

 Wax Museum Project Grading Rubric




You will be participating in a living waxmuseum! This activity requires you to identify significant contributions of afamous or not so famous African American. Youwill get to choose the person to portray, but you must get teacher approvalbefore proceeding with the project.  In selecting a person, you should try to findsomeone of historical significance; someone who has been successful in theirgoals and dreams; and/or someone who represents the “best” of people and theworld.  The “living wax museum” is acollection of visual displays where students, dressed as famous individuals,stand at attention, while visitors walk around and tour exhibits illustratingthe life of the person represented.

Step 1:

Youwill research the figure that you have chosen. Use the attached form to help you get the facts you need to complete theassignment.

Step 2:

Youwill create a display board with illustrations and details to identity factsabout your historical figure. 

Step 3:

Youwill write a 10-20 second summary (oral presentation) introducing importantfacts about your figure to the museum visitors. This summary will be written onnote cards for reference on the day of the living wax museum. Youmust have your summary/speech memorized!  The note cards are only a tool in case youbecome a bit nervous during the wax museum. You should not have to rely on the note cards throughout thepresentation.

Step 4:

Fromresearch, you will put together a simple costume that represents the person youare portraying.  You may also use propsto help you depict the figure. The costume will be worn during thepresentation.

Step 5:

Onthe Living Wax Museum Day, you will set up a station complete with posters,props, etc.  You will have yourpresentation notes handy. You will also have a “button” that guests will pressin order to have you start saying your oral presentation (we will be making the‘buttons’ in class).

Step 6:

Invitedstudents, parents, and faculty will visit the museum.  When the guests pass the historical figure andpush the button, you will recite your “speech”.  You should remain “in character” at all timesduring the Living Wax Museum.

Thisis what you will be graded on:


I.  Display Board (50 points)

          A. Character’s Name & Picture/Portrait (10 points)

·        Character’sname - 2”-3” in height, centered at top of poster

·        Portraitof individual centered below the title

·        Tri-foldboard

          B. Vital Statistics-choose at least four from the following(15 points)

·        Dateand location of birth and death - mandatory

·        Family(spouse, children, etc.)

·        Childhood

·        Education

·        Hobbies/Passions

·        Otherimportant information

         C. Major Accomplishments (15 points)

·        List and describe this person’s major accomplishments

·        Whatwas this person’s significant contribution to society?

D.  Board Presentation (10 points)

·        Makedisplay board pleasing to the reader- add an attractive border design and/orother pictures

·        Putyour name in the lower right hand corner

·        Becreative and neat…i.e. measure, write in straight lines, appropriate use ofcolor, eye-catching

·        Useproper spelling, grammar & punctuation

II. Presentation (50points)

          A. Costume, Props, Character Portrayal (25 points)

·        Whatdo I plan to wear? What props do I need? What poses would be appropriate for mycharacter?

         B. Oral Presentation (25 points)

·        Makesure you have your oral presentation memorized

·        Makesure your oral presentation is between 10-20 seconds long

·        Makesure you include all of the information required

·        Speakloudly and clearly (practice this part!)

Use the attached form to help you research yourfamous person.  Once you’ve collected allof your facts, put it into a speech presentation format.  Write it as if you are this person, using ‘I’in place of ‘she’ or ‘he’.  When youpractice saying the speech, make sure you speak in the first person point of view.

Please detach and returnto Mrs. Knox.


Ihave read and understand the project description for the the Living Wax Museumproject.  I am aware that the 3 names for wax museumcharacters are due on ______________, and the completedproject/display boards are due on __________________.   I will help to oversee the progress andcompletion of the Living Wax Museum project. 



_____________________________                   ______________________

ParentSignature                                                   Date







NAME    _____________________________

Use this formto help guide your research.  Once you’vecollected all of your facts, put it into a 10-20 second oral presentation.  Write it in the “first person” point of view,using “I” instead of “he” or “she”.




FamousIndividual: ______________________________________________

Whathe/she is famous for (this must be included in your presentation): __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


-Whenand where they were born:


-Wherethey grew up:

-Likesor interests as a child:

-Otherimportant information about their childhood:


-GradeSchool, high school, college, no education:



-Marriedand/or family:

-Wherethey lived:


-Highlightsof life or career:

-When,where and how this person died (if known):

Other Quick Facts:

Remember, this is just aguide to help you with your presentation. You don’t need to include all of the facts listed above, and you may even find some interesting factsthat aren’t listed that you may want to include in your presentation.    

Your oral presentationshould include at least:

1.      Three facts about their childhood/early years

2.     Three facts about their adult life/later years

3.     What they are famous or well known for







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