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My School Essay 3rd Class Passengers

This is one of the regular topics for homework. Kids asked to write 5 or 10 lines on my school topic, sometimes they get 10 lines essay, speech or paragraph assignment on the same topic. In the first section, we are giving you sample 10 plus lines on the topic “my school”, you can pick 5 or 10 lines as per your requirement. Please note that every school is different so related information will be different, kindly change it accordingly. We have used simple English for these sentences so that kids of class 1,2,3,4,5 can understand it.

In the second section, we have given short 10 to 15 lines essay on the same topic. Though content in given in essay format it can be used for speech or paragraph writing. In the second part of the article, we have translated both sections in Hindi. Kindly scroll down t the middle of the article to see Hindi version. So, let’s jump to core content, shall we?

10 Lines on / Sentences about My School in English

  1. My school name is St. Xavier’s Convent School.
  2. It is 3 KM from my home, I travel to school on a yellow school bus.
  3. I study in 3rd standard, my division in A and roll no is A-013.
  4. My school is in two-storey building.
  5. We have a big playground in front of school building.
  6. My school has standard 1 to 5 and total of 240 students.
  7. My school uniform is navy blue and red.
  8. My school teachers are very good, they never get angry on us.
  9. We play daily at school.
  10. My school gives very less homework.
  11. My school always get good results.
  12. I love my school.

10 Lines Essay, Speech, Paragraph on my school in English for school kids

My school name is Kendriya Vidyalaya, it is very near to my home. I and my friend go to school in a yellow minivan. My school has a big entrance gate, where 2 watchman uncle seats. My school has a 2-storey building and a big playground too. Every Saturday we go to the playground and do yoga and PT.

My school always get good results. Our teachers are very good they never shout at us. They give less homework and that is why I get time to play at home with my brother. I like to go to my school, it is very fun. I love my school.

You read a big essay on school here.

10 Lines on / Sentences about My School in Hindi

यहां हमने आपको ‘मेरी पाठशाला’ विषय पर १० पंक्तियां / वाक्य दिए है|

  1. मेरा स्कूल का नाम सेंट जेवियर्स कॉन्वेंट स्कूल है|
  2. यह मेरे घर से ३ किलोमीटर की दूरी पर है, मैं पिले रंग के बस में स्कूल जाता हूँ।
  3. मैं तीसरी कक्षा में पढ़ता हूं, मेरा डिवीजन अ और रोल नंबर अ-०१३ है।
  4. मेरा स्कूल दो मंजिला इमारत में है|
  5. स्कूल भवन के सामने एक बड़ा खेल का मैदान है|
  6. मेरी पाठशाला में १ से ५ वी तक कक्षाएं है और कुल २४० छात्र हैं|
  7. मेरे विद्यालय का यूनिफार्म नीला और लाल है|
  8. मेरे स्कूल के शिक्षक बहुत अच्छे हैं, वे कभी भी चिल्लाते नहीं|
  9. हम स्कूल में रोजाना खेलते हैं।
  10. मेरा स्कूल बहुत कम होमवर्क देता है|
  11. मेरे स्कूल को हमेशा अच्छे रिजल्ट्स मिलते हैं।
  12. मुझे मेरे विद्यालय बहुत पसंद है।

10 Lines on My School in Marathi | माझी शाळा विषयावर मराठी मध्ये १० ओळी

10 Lines Essay, Speech, Paragraph on my school in Hindi for school kids

यहाँ हमने आपको ‘मेरी पाठशाला / विद्यालय’ के बारेमे १० लाइन्स का सैंपल निबंध दिया है, इस जानकारी का इस्तेमाल आप भाषण या पैराग्राफ राइटिंग के लिए भी कर सकते है|

मेरे स्कूल का नाम केंद्रीय विद्यालय है, यह मेरे घर के बहुत करीब है। मैं और मेरे दोस्त पीले मिनीवैन में स्कूल जाते हैं| मेरे स्कूल का एक बड़ा प्रवेश द्वार है, जहां २ पहरेदार चाचा बैठते है| मेरा स्कूल २ मंजिला इमारत में है और सामने बड़ा खेल का मैदान भी है| हर शनिवार को हम खेल के मैदान में जाते हैं और वहां योगा और पी.टी. की क्लास होती है|

मेरे स्कूल को हमेशा अच्छे परिणाम मिलते हैं। हमारे शिक्षक बहुत अच्छे हैं, वह कभी भी चिल्लाते नहीं हैं| वे हमें कम होमवर्क देते हैं और इसलिए मुझे अपने भाई के साथ घर पर खेलने का समय मिलता है। मुझे अपने स्कूल जाना पसंद है, मुझे मेरा स्कूल बहोत पसंद है।

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The school bus is one of the most loved forms of transportation to school. The school buses of today are designed in such a way that they are more durable and more conscientiously maintained. Most school buses come in crush size and height standards and bright colors, with cross-view mirrors and reinforced sides for added safety. They also have stop sign arms and flashing red lights.

School bus drivers are also screened and required to undergo special training that involve ensuring their young passengers’ safety and security, first aid and medical procedures, road safety, and other important concerns. They are also required to undergo testing for drug and alcohol consumption as well as driving record checks. Traffic laws are implemented specifically for school bus transport to make sure that students are protected.

In many cities, a school bus is a familiar sight. Students are picked up from their doorsteps and safely brought to school and back. Most school bus services are highly reliable. Most students enjoy riding on school buses instead of carpooling because they get to interact with many other students from school. They can also be as noisy as they want to be, laughing and shouting during the daily travel. It allows them to build friendships outside of the classroom. Riding a school bus will ensure that a student will not be late for school and does not have to worry about how to get home.
School bus drivers are educated to observe traffic rules and road safety. They do not drive recklessly and they make sure to follow road signs. They are also trained in school transportation emergency procedures. Most parents will feel comfortable knowing that their children are in good hands as they travel to and from school.

Additionally, responsible school administrations also hold evacuation drills so that students understand emergency procedures such as entering or leaving the school bus in an organized manner, giving priority or assistance to students with disabilities, and understanding the location and purpose of emergency exits. While a school bus is generally safe, one cannot discount the fact that untoward incidents may happen. Thus, it is better to educate and train both drivers and riders for everyone’s safety and security.

An essay about school bus will not be complete without saying that there is also a disadvantage. Since the school bus is on a specific route, some students will have to get up and prepare for school really early if they are among the very first ones who get picked up. Similarly, some students will get home later than most as they are the last ones to be dropped off along the route. Nevertheless, having a child ride a school bus is still a safer proposition than having them take their chances with public transport.

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